ZOO theatre – creative toys for kids by Denis Borisov


Why children needs the ZOO theatre?

Zoo theater suits children well because it focuses on the development of child’s creative abilities and skills. The emphasis is made on imagination and freedom of expression through action. The game itself allows to create a personal fantasy world and doesn’t ask to follow the instruction. Consequently, the pieces of a building kit are simple and clear in form, without over-detailed realism. Components of the environment make the picture of the toy world complete. This building kit aims to interest kids with the opportunity to express their originality.

How children respond to your product?

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to test Zoo theater with actual kids playing, since it has been made only as a prototype so far. However, a few adults, that had a chance to inspect it, were really resembling children while playing it and had very positive reaction to it.

Suitable design for kids – what does that mean for you?

Design for the children should be coherent and not over-complicated, invoking the desire to play and allowing a freedom of creativity. Interesting fundamental idea is also important.

In my opinion, design, such as mentioned above, helps to enhance various abilities of a child: creativity, communication, physical activity. Design should be simple and not too serious.

I don’t think that education is the main goal of design as such, but with its help one can create comfortable conditions for kids and initiate directions for development and that is already important. It seems to me that education is a task for adults and design can serve as an effective mean.

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