Friends – a growing chair for children by Claus Korup Jensen


Why you design products for children?

I designed a children furniture, because of the observation in other departments, such as diapers, clothing, behavior, where everything is changing. Then I looked at children furniture where most of it was predefined for a very small group of users, so I thought it was not really a sustainable solution to have such a small group of users.

But what if we could design a sustainable furniture and give the children the inspiration of conserving furniture rather then consuming them, and that’s why I designed FRIENDS.


Why is FRIENDS especially suited for children as a piece of furniture?

FRIENDS as the word says is a friendship between the children and the furniture. The chair grows with the children and creates the friendship. The adjustable shoes makes it easy for the children and parents to increase the seating height, when the children grows.


Where is it manufactured? What materials is it made of? Can you tell us about the manufacturing process?

I have a video were I manufacture the chair. The chair in it’s prototype stage is constructed in ash and beech veneer, whit steam bent legs and form pressed seat and back. The chair shall be in sustainable FSC beech legs and veneer. I choose FSC to create a sustainable forrest for the future children.

Good design for kids – what does that mean for you?

Good Design? Hmm, what it means for me, I think creativity, fun, utility, simplicity, long-lasting, honest, user-friendly, is part of being good design for kids.


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