Jovana Paunović, Design Blogger from little fairy project about design for kids and her favourite toy


Do kids need design?

Our kids live in a world that is not always kids-friendly. As a mum, I realise that we all sometimes forget that our kids are simply kids: we often have high expectations and we wish them to do and know things that are sometimes simply “too much” for their young age. We forget how small they are… And that’s where an enormous importance of design for kids comes in! They need it so that they can discover, enjoy and grow to love the world around them at their own space and in their own way.

What is your idea of intelligent toys for children?

I’ve always been a fan of “less is more” concept, even in case of kids’ toys. I believe a good toy should be simple in form and aesthetics, but engaging in its function. It should be both fun and educational and allow children to play with it however they wish. That way they will also use it for a longer period of time and perhaps even pass it on to their siblings and friends.

Is it important to teach kids about design or architecture?

It is VERY important to teach children about architecture AND  design, not only because they are everywhere around us, but also because they help children understand our environment in different ways and on different levels, through concepts of time and world cultures.

When we travel with our kids, we love to tell stories about art, architecture and design. Their conclusions, ideas and opinions afterwards are simply amazing, as well as the impact these discussions have on them.

Can you remember your favourite toy that you had as a child?

My favourite toy when I was a child was my first bike. I had it as a present when I was almost 5 (if I remember well). It was a small bike, red with yellow and white writings on it, simply adorable. I remember riding it everywhere, I was tireless, I adored it. I still smile when I think about it.

What should designers consider when they design spaces or products for children?

Always consider first functionality and then aesthetics. Keep in mind that you are designing a room for a child who has certain interests and hobbits. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary furniture, kids love to play and they need space for it.  Kids often have a lot of toys and books, so try to come up with some creative and fun storage ways. Have fun designing, go back to being a child for a moment and your design will be flawless!

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog my little fairy project ! What got you interested in starting it?

Little Fairy Project is a kids’ design service and a design and lifestyle blog ran by two friends, two mums, an architect and an event planner. It was founded in 2014, as a Little Fairy Project design BLOG specialised in nursery and kids’ room design. Soon after, it became a source of inspiration for all those in search of amazing kids’ interiors, parties, fashion and  tips and recommendations regarding family-friendly trips, places and activities.  Since the beginning, our moto has been “We write what we love“, meaning that all our posts have always been based on our personal preferences, likings, impressions and experience.

Our expertise and love for functional and beautiful design has in time led us to launching of Little Fairy Project design services: E-design service, available online worldwide and In-home service available for Milan and its surroundings. Since then, we have been working for all those in search of unique and amazing kids’ design. We have been collaborating with parents and parents- to-be all over the world in achieving their dream kids’ room design.