KULA – educational wooden toys for children by 40studio


What was your inspiration for your educational wooden toy Kula?

The idea was to create something simple but different. Something with a twist. We wanted to develop something fun, attractive for kids, with an added value.

We love puzzles: they are a classic of all times. The idea of matching different pieces in order to build a final image is something we like: because its the basis of everything we know. Every single thing on this planet is a combination of many pieces (atoms, cells, etc) . Our thought was… what if the final image is not always the same? what if mixing and combining different puzzle pieces leads you to different results?

So this is what inspired us: we wanted to develop something as simple as a puzzle not only with one result, but with many. While a classic puzzle always has one solution, Kula allows you to find lots of solutions: all valid, all correct. This is what diversity is about. The combination of different things bring to life so many possibilities.We wanted to link the concept of diversity with fun.

Why are this educational toys suited for children?

We like wood, its an exceptional material. The fact that it comes from nature, its simplicity and unique characteristics allows you to create beautiful objects. Wood is always a good ally. Its noble, resistant and we think it´s ideal for the making of toys.

How children respond to “Kula“?

They love it. They enjoy building different characters and have a lot of fun when they find unexpected faces. They also like the fact of playing with blocks and love the colors and the touch of the wood.

Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?

We have another toy, also made of wood, and also based in the concept of mixing and matching. We like to provide the player many possibilities. We like the idea of having lots of “correct answers”. There is not a winning solution when playing with this toys.

Meaningful design for kids – what does that mean for you?

We love thinking and creating, and it is a very nice challenge to create toys that give kids fun and something more. Playing is not only having fun, but also learning. Why not combine these two ideas and boost the potential of toys?

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