Meet Eva Monleón Cifo, DIY-Blogger from misakomimoko


Do kids need design?

Yes! Absolutely! Furniture for children and toys when previously well thought and designed, are created to match a purpose, a functionality that adds to the piece an extra concept. Kids can learn that any object can be beautiful and fun but also ecological, practical, long lasting… perfect play, dream and helping to grow.

What is your idea of good children’s toys?

I think there’s always a perfect toy for any kid. It’s like finding your better half, or the one and only that fills your needs, becomes your best friend, brights your day or just makes you laugth.

How well can spacial structures stimulate children’s creativity and imagination?


Some spacial structures like natural inspired spaces like woods, seaside, jungles… immerse children in other worlds and start amazing adventures. Love how these spaces make them travel with their imagination to the past, or to the future, learning also about different cultures.

Can you remember your favourite toy that you had as a child?

My favorite toys were always dolls: Nenuco, a plastic baby doll, and after Nancy and Lesley all from the spanish brand Famosa. Also a small plastic doll called Laura that lived in a farm doll house in the mountains from Toyse and of course Strawberry Shortcake doll, I loved her! They all were very popular toys at the end of the 70s and early 80s.

What games or toys do your kids most like to play with?

We don’t have kids, but we spend a lot of time with friends’ kids and family. A five years girl who loves to make play-dough cakes and carries all her little dolls in a tiny and sparking pink bag, or a two years toddler that has fun with her mini market stand and also is smitten by her huge red plastic motorcycle.

What is essential for every kid’s room?

Functional furniture, lots of sunlight and of space to play and plenty of containers to keep toys organized.

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog misakomimoko! What got you interested in starting it?

When I started blogging I wanted to share all the beautiful things handmade by crafters and artists, my likings and findings… as well as all the retro and vintage books, illustrations and toys that still keep me inspired.