Drawlight Lamp – Light for children by Jana Cerna


Why you design products for children?

Perhaps because I feel like a child more than an adult. I love colors, friendly shapes, the little modified scale… For me the world of design for kids provides more space for imagination than the serious world of adults.

Where is your Drawlight Lamp manufactured? What materials is it made of?

I made the prototypes by myself. And I am currently dealing with a manufacturer who would to include my Drawlight lamp into his production. The basis of the lamp consists of two wooden elements, they are fixed together by perspex plate, the lamp shades are made of various kinds of paper and foils.

Can you tell us about the manufacturing process?

I like to make the prototypes by myself, because during the process other options, variants and improvements of the object come to my mind.

Why is “Drawlight Lamp” especially suited as a light for children?

Because everyone can make a lamp according to his own imagination, everybody can have his own unique lamp that fits into his bedroom. This lamp can grow with the child. First, parents can decorate it for their toddler’s bedroom. Later, the child can deal with it itself and in the future it could become a medium of self-expression for a teenager.

Do you have children of your own? If so, how do they respond to your product/your products?

My three-months old son is still too small to enable respond adequately;) But my brother’s three children have tested most of my products. When I design something for the kids, I consult it with them. Many of their opinions often surprise me. And in addition – for this lamp they have already drewn a lot of pictures….

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