Meet Sergei Urban, Influencer from TheDadLab


Do kids need design?

Sure they do. Children learn texture, shapes and colours by exploring objects that surround them. Good design sparks creativity and forms a good taste.

What is your idea of good children’s toys?

It should have a multi level educational value so when children play with it, they could practice a few skills at the same time. It should be easily understandable to skip reading instruction. Or it could be an open-ended toy that children should find their own way of playing it. That way it does not limit a child but encourages to be creative. The best toy is the one adults love playing too. I love toys that prove that children are capable doing more than parents expect of them.

What can designers learn from kids?

Not to overthink. Simple solution for simple problems.

Can you remember your favourite toy that you had as a child?

I just loved play dough. Making different characters using sticks and taking them for adventure around the room. In the summer I loved building my own ships from a piece of wood using a lot of nails.

What games or with which toys do you most like to play together with your kids?

Building sets with a lot of pieces are usually the winner. They allow building anything. It could be a calming play at the end of a day when we just sit and create something interesting, discussing the process or we could create some funny monsters, come up with names and turn the house upside down to set up a place for them.

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog! What got you interested in starting it?

My wife inspired me. I started by sharing my findings of incredible fun and educational toys and later started showing videos of kids science experiments. I try to inspire other parents to spend more quality time with children by doing something simple and amazing together and I am glad that over 2 million of my followers across Instagram, Facebook and Youtube share my views.