Nina’s House – creative kids furniture by Dave Keune


What was your inspiration for Nina’s House?


My girlfriend and I lived in Amsterdam in a small apartment. We only had 1 bedroom so no space for our girl Nina. So, I created a house in a house for her in the livingroom. It is a house so it can be closed for her sleep.


How do your kids respond to Nina’s House?


Nina slept 4 years in the house, and since we moved her little brother Lou sleeps in it.



Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?


I create what they need … so now Nina has a new bed with small cupboard next to it a staircase with hidden room to enter the bed.


Suitable design for kids – what does that mean for you?


Anything they can’t hurt themselves with is suitable for kids.



A few personal questions at the end: What toys did you play with as a child? Did you have a favorite toy?


Duplo, Lego and my 6 wheeled Fisherprice mooncar.

design-for-kids_Dave-KeuneDo you feel there is a toy that every child should have (also by other designers and manufacturers)


I think Duplo and Lego and crayons/pencils are the most important onces.

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