Odotoys – sustainable wooden toys by Stefan Dikker


Why you design creative toys for children?

I want to offer ingredients for fantasy play. For me that is the key to child development in many ways. Creating sustainable toys and concepts that can last a lifetime is very important for me.

What was your inspiration for your Odotoys?

A traditional wooden block set was the starting point. By adding wheels on removable axes a concept was born. By ‘ground’ and desk design ODO became what it is now. ‘Ground’ design is sitting on the floor and playing with the concept models with our children.

How toddlers respond to your creative wooden toys?

They are often triggered by the wheels that can roll in many ways. Children surprise me with their fantasy stories. And also by creating new forms. ODO changes while playing.

Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?

I have more playing concepts available for producers/ re-sellers. The #LUGIS are wooden toy animals. Fantasy can transform them in any animal. They are very social and interested in the world around us. Wooden toys landscaping parts, like trees and mountains, will complete the LUGIS.

A few personal questions at the end: What toys did you play with as a child? Did you have a favorite toy?

Most of the time I was playing outside. Playing football and hide-and-seek with other children. My favorite toy was my football. Every birthday I wanted to have a new one. Lego is one of my all time favorites. I’m exploring ways to combine it with ODO. You can follow all my ideas on instagram @odotoys and @goudvanhout.

And subsequently: What toy do you think is completely superfluous?

There are much realistic toys. Copying the adult world. It leaves less space for fantasy play. I try to look with the open mind of a child while designing toys. Giving them ingredients, but not the play.

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