MAUERSACK by lessing: Wooden Stacking Game (2+)


MAUERSACK by lessing: Wooden Stacking Game (2+)


Once the universal legend Leonardo Da Vinci invented a bridge without mortar. The lopsided stones in this wooden stacking game are wedged together in a similar manner to construct a wall. The Mauersack by Christian Lessing promotes a sense of balance and static, as well as dexterity and patience. Additionally, the different types of wood give players a feeling for natural materials. One cotton bag contains about 40 of these uneven stones with which little master builders can become the real Da Vinci.


Small: L 4 x W 3 x H 2.5 cm
Large: L 12 x W 5 x H 2.5 cm


Natural wood


untreated beech and maple wood from North-Rhine-Westphalia / Germany


high play value +++ universal design +++ 100% natural, renewable materials +++ product is completely recyclable +++ packaging made of 100% recycled material +++ 100% handicraft +++ 100% local production +++ long-lasting product +++ Zero Waste product +++ small batch production


LVR Clinic Langenfeld/Germany

Compliance mark

CE +++ GS +++ FSC


3 years and up


Christian Lessing

purchased parts package

35 to 45 different blocks in a cotton bag


from € 44.90

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