Tukluks – award-winning playmats for children (0+)


Tukluks – award-winning playmats for children (0+)


Tukluks are creative toys and play furniture at the same time. Cylindrical magnets are attached to the edges of the coloured playmats, which means that any conceivable shape can be built and taken apart. The modules will delight children, whether they’re on their own or with friends – building huts, creating landscapes, hiding in them, embarking on new journeys every day, and that as often and varied as they want. Through Tukluks, children can discover dimensions and space, and comprehend and create their environments, both cognitively and motorically. A multiple award-winning design concept for children.


Triangle L: L 100 cm, T 5.5 cm
Triangle M: L 50 cm, T 5.5 cm
Square Q: L 50 cm, T 5.5 cm


Premium: sun, red, crimson, violett, blue, nicht, grey, turquoise, grass, cherry
Pro: blue, night, grass, red, crimson


Premium: microfiber, polyurethane foam, magnets (neodymium)
Pro: PU-coated polyester material, fire-resistant according to BS7175 and Crib5), polyurethane foam, magnets (neodymium)


high play value +++ universal design


under fair conditions in Romania

Compliance mark

GS – tested safety, TÜV certified polyurethane foam, Öko-Tex-Standard 100 for microfiber and PU-coated polyester material (fire-resistant according to BS7175 and Crib5)


0 years and up

Maintenance advice

Premium: Cover can be removed and washed at 30°C
Pro: Cover can be removed and washed at 60°C


Benedikt Kirsch, Katharina Schildgen


Prix Jouet: best toy at Playtime Paris 2011 • First place in the Vienna Future Prize for Research and Innovation 2010 • Design prize BLICKFANG Basel 2010 • Design prize BLICKFANG Vienna 2008 • Student prize BLICKFANG Vienna 2008

Further information

Pro: suitable for nurseries, schools, museums and other institutions.


Premium for home
Set Uno (3M+4Q): € 354
Set Duo (5L+4M): € 594
Set Trio (10L+14M+8Q): € 1,790

Pro for kindergardens & schools
Set Uno (3M+4Q): € 454
Set Duo (5L+4M): € 774
Set Trio (10L+14M+8Q): € 2,240



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