Ssstolik – play furniture by Marta and Dawid Grynasz


Why you design products for children?

Our studio designs for adults as well as for children. We find children-oriented design to be particularly interesting and important for us, as we realize the responsibility of working on products intended for kids. Apart from meeting safety requirements, our furniture for kids should improve imagination, encourage fun, and support the child’s general development. These ideas are fun to work with and, in fact, they stimulate the inner child in us, which turns the design process into a more entertaining and rewarding experience.

What was your inspiration for your play furniture SSSTOLIK?

We were inspired by embroidery and folk craftsmanship. During one of our studio visits, we had the opportunity to watch a craftsman weave a large carpet. We also took into account games from our own childhood. These observations allowed us to create a piece of furniture that naturally encourages kids to personalize their space and practice their motor skills while having fun. Additionally, when the child grows up, Ssstolik can be used as a coffee table, with the ropes removed or rearranged.

Are there other products that you design specifically for children?

We are currently working for the Fam Fara brand on the ?AD furniture series which is aimed at both children and grown-ups. The first element of the series is the desk that premiered at the 2016 Tokyo Design Week. Later on it will be joined by practical supplements including a container, an organizer board, and other new accessories. The project’s overarching idea is – as far as children are concerned – to “tame” the desk by making a fun, customizable space dedicated to learning and school life. When it comes to adults, the system’s built-in flexibility allows using the ?AD furniture at home as well as in workshops or offices.

Suitable design for kids – what does that mean for you?

It means design that cares deeply about the physical and emotional development of children, as well as their comfort and safety. As designers, we also value the ecological and environmental aspects of our work; therefore, our projects make use of high-quality materials, sturdy structural design and universal forms.

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