Zoo – a play furniture by Fabien Barrero-Carsenat and Jo-Anne Kowalski


 What was your inspiration for “Zoo Collection”?

Zoo Collection, is a result from our volonty as designer (Fabien Barrero-Carsenat and Jo-Anne Kowalski) to bring back children to what would call the essentials. We observed and analysed during several months how a child is playing with basic element when there is no commercial or brand toys. In a second time, our desire was to renew the famous horse head on a brush stick.



Why is the zoo collection especially suited for children as a creative toy?

First of all, this product is simple to use. The global design of it doesn’t bring to kids a pre-made story. It works more in the way of a suggestive form to enhance children’s creativity, and helping to generate stories. More over, the production is made with recycled PE plastics with grass components into it.


Do you feel there is a toy that every child should have (also by other designers/manufacturers)?

Actually, even if many toys are clevers and suitable for kids, we would like to underline that none of them is totally adapted. The most relevant is the one made by one himself, because it fulfill all the desires of his creator/owner. We all of us mostly forget how high is a child creativity: that’s why we prefer suggestive objects than pre-made stories. The best toy for a child is definitly his own made world with his surroundings elements.


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