Charlotte Høncke, designer kids furniture, about the Flexa Play Serie


Does your philosophy of suitable design for kids also have an educational mandate?

Children love to be together with their parents and play in the living room and the kitchen, that is why I believe that children’s furniture should be able to be placed in these rooms.

Therefore I have designed a collection of furniture, that fits into any part of a modern home. For me it is important that the design appeals to both the children and the parents.

What are the main stages of designing for kids? Aren’t they just the same as those that we use for designing for adults?

I love designing furniture and lamps for children. Designs for children can be more playful and fun. You play with colors and forms. My passion when designing for children is the atmosphere the design creates. With FLEXA Play I wanted to create a safe, warm and playful atmosphere in the nursery, using funky colours combined with the warmth of ash tree.


Why you design furniture for children? What inspires you?

I am inspired by my own children and by the children of my friends. How they play and how they interact. But I am also inspired by how especially mothers decorate their homes and children´s room.


Flexa Play series is more as a toy or as a piece of furniture?

It is a piece of furniture. The FLEXA play products allows you to create your own personal expression using differet colours and combine the furniture in the children´s room, kitchen, livingroom or the hall way.


How important is it for you to be creating sustainable, practical products for children with purpose that complement and enhance the end users lifestyle?

For me sustainabilty is also to design products that are long lasting. Besides being made of the best materiales, that are produced in a responsible way – I can say that the flexa play furniures are being used for more generel purposed also – for examples as storage, as small bedside tables and so on – extending the benefits and the lifetime of the furniture.


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