Meet Arianna Agostini & Federica Felici, Mum Blogger from Mercantino dei Piccoli

It is important to teach kids about design or architecture?

Arianna I’m not sure about “teaching” but for sure design and architecture are everywhere and children can just learn looking around; sometimes we – as adults – can tell children to notice some particulars, and sometimes we – the adults – can learn from children!

Federica I honestly believe the most important teaching we can give to kids, to let them better understand architetture and design when adults, it is to improve their capacity to be fascinated by the colors and the shapes of the nature.

What constitutes a good furniture for children for you?

Arianna I like furniture for children when they have simple smooth clean shapes, with a touch of creativity. Besides I’m looking for furniture that are safe, environmentally friendly and sturdy so can be used for longer period (or by younger siblings), I also find really interesting all the convertible play furniture that can be re-used in different ways.



How well can spacial structures stimulate children’s creativity and imagination?

Arianna A spatial structure and environment influences the way children feel, play and interact with and within it. A well designed space could stimulate children’s creativity, their development and engagement but it doesn’t mean it has to be a space “full of…”, I totally agree with “Less is More” especially in the developing of creativity and imagination.

Federica Sometimes I believe a room with a bright illumination, a wooden desk, a comfortable seat and a box full of pencils is enough to let kids grown their imagination. Inside and outside.

What is your favorite product for kids – be it a toy or piece of furniture that you had as a child or a product that you discovered as an adult?

Arianna Since I was a little girl I loved dollhouses, when I was a teenager I made my own dollhouse with all the tiny tiny stuff inside. Now my daughter would like to build a new one…
I also find very interesting the balance bike, but I discovered it too late and my children couldn’t try it but I give one to my nephew.

Torafu Architects


Federica I have a preference for some design cradles and for some beautiful doll houses. My predilection go to North-European design. I also love to collect children’s illustration books.

What games or toys do your kids most like to play with?

Arianna My children loves to play with construction/building toys, they spent hours in building town, fairy villages, space worlds and tallest tower. They also like to play board games with all the family and video games. They also love biking and ice skating.

Federica My daughter is almost a teen and at the moment she is involved in activities not to be considered as games. Anyway, as when she was younger, she stil loves everything concerning coloring, scrapping, DIY…

The five most important things every kid’s room should have are …

1 A comfy bed where they can have sweet long dreams, naps, play
2 A nook full of pillows, for reading, playing, hiding, imagining
3 A table for coloring, crafting, studying
4 A library where kids can reach their favourite book
5 Lot of light! Natural AND something for the night

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog ! What got you interested in starting it?

Mercatinodeipiccoli was born 9 years ago, when we started the blog in Italy there were very few infos about design for children and we would like to create a space where other parents could find new ideas and tips about different furniture, toys, clothes, stuff from what we/they usually find in the Italian mass-market shops. Day by day the blog grew up and we definitively became a reference not only for parents but also for achitects, decorators, designers… and companies indeed.