The Tree – play furniture by ForCurly


What was your inspiration for your play furniture The TREEE?

When Oncke, Co-founder, was on the lookout for a nice and long-lasting present for his then 1-year old daughter to decorate her room, he became frustrated with the single-purpose baby / child items available on the market, items without a nice design, designed for short use and life span, and mainly made of unsustainable materials, stimulating over-consumption, with the non-environmental friendly plastic packaging having an additional negative impact on the environment. With Ales, Co-founder, the idea came alive to design and develop the functions of various kid’s items and toys into one long lasting, high quality item with a pleasing design and manufactured with love and respect for nature.

Why is your TREEE especially suited for children as a creative toy and play furniture?

The TREEE grows with a child through functional, constructive and imaginative stages of play from new born to early teens due to its multi-purpose and multi-functionality. Elements of The TREEE can easily be exchanged for an element with other (play)functions.

Do you have children of your own? If so, how do they respond to The TREEE?

Oncke yes (1-year and 2 ½ years girls) and it is one of their favourite items in their room; they use it to put their favourite toys and books in it, hang up their coats and bags and play around it.

Meaningful design for kids – what does that mean for you?

Design which is more that beautiful, long-lasting and practical; the design of a tree was chosen as a tree resembles nature, provides shelter and nourishment for many animals and is a symbol for wisdom, longevity.and connectivity with all living matters, a symbol for family, the family tree. By the TREEE we want to bring nature inside a child’s room, with warm natural materials (not cold plastic) and for the parents to tell stories about animals living in and around trees, different kind of trees, talk about nature and perhaps leading to kids (and parents) spending time outside in nature.

If you look into a crystal ball and predict your future as a designer: what children’s product would you like to design next?

Ales The little Monster building blocks, wooden blocks you can build whatever your fantasy gives you also be attachable to the treee’s. Also, a 3rd TREEE made of another natural, lightweight material with lots of play and storage possibilities.

Oncke The concept of The TREEE allows for many other designs like palm TREEE, Xmas TREEE, rocketship, etc. And of course, we are constantly developing new panels and add-on accessories, together with ideas for customers and brand-lovers.

Ales (left) & Oncke (right)