Meet Javier Herrero, designer of the Tipi – light for children


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Actually I have to bring my 3 years old daughter to school every day so this moment, while she is waking up and having breakfast is one of my favourites, we make jokes, give kisses … Definitely, the love for my family is the motor of my life.


Why do you wanted to work as a designer? / Why do you choose the job designer?

Since I was a child I love to drawing, painting, making little sculptures and everything that regards to creating things with my own hands. Nowadays, to me is an honour to design objects that will be part of the life of other people for many years, although at the same time it’s a responsibility because we (designers) have the chance to improve that lives giving better solutions through our ideas.


If you weren’t a designer …

It is very difficult choose other career now … There are a lot of things i’d like to be; musician, actor, scientist or journalist for example, but If I have to decide I think that would be a baker! In a sense it is quite similar to be a designer, they have to create products every day and on my opinion it could be a very interesting job if you make it with love and passion.


Why is design important for kids?

Design is important for everybody, but in this case still more because it is during the childhood when kids learn the main values as respecting nature, equality or solidarity. Design can help people to educate them in these knowledges, as a parent and as a consumer, I try to use handmade toys, or products in general, which are made by following these parameters of respect and equality. The Tipi lamp could be a good example!


Did you had a favorite toy as a child?

I remember spent many hours playing with my TENTE constructions, which are more or less a Spanish version of Lego and also with the Playmobil figurines, still now I keep some of them on my studio!


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