Meet Roser Cuscó, design blogger from minimoi


How do you think the interior design of child room influences its atmosphere and kid behavior?

Although kids can play almost anywhere, it’s true that the design and atmosphere of a room can influence their behavior greatly.

In fact, according to the ancient Feng Shui wisdom in some places in China there is still the tradition of bringing a kid to a place before buying or renting it. If the kid starts running, playing and feels comfortable it means that it has good vibes. If the kid doesn’t want to move or play you’d better look to invest somewhere else.

So the distribution of a space and the design can make a total difference. The very same room can become a peace realm or a stimulating environment by only playing with the decor, furniture and lighting.

Photo by Paparajote

What are the most important components of making any quality design product for children?

First of all, safety all over anything. Secondly that it helps stimulate their imagination and creativity. And last but not least, In Minimoi we love products that are created to last over the years so that they can pass from brother to brother/cousin and even from generations!

Furniture by Mathy by Bols

What constitutes good children’s furniture for you?

Good furniture is the one that you can leave your kid with it alone for some time and that you know that wherever he/she does will be completely safe and having great fun with it.

Furniture by Mathy by Bols

What is your favorite product for kids – be it a toy or piece of furniture that you had as a child or a product that you discovered as an adult?

I love playhouses, tipis and tents. When I was little I used to play with my sister and create our own playhouse under the dining room table. Then, for Christmas we got our first fabric playhouse and we played with it for a long time … When we grew up we created our own playhouses in the Woods. I love playhouses since they stimulate symbolic gaming but are also useful for hide and seek and to chill out.

Photo by Nobodinoz

What do you think can designers learn from children?

Designers can learn a lot from children! Every designer should test their ideas with kids first. It’s incredible how they can surprise you and things that were intended for one purpose can be completely turned into something different thanks to their imagination. A good designer should never forget the kid that has inside. This is what we call the “mini moi” spirit (mini me in French). One of my favorite quotes is the one from the Little Prince: All grown-ups were once children … but only few of them remember it.

Photo Roser Cuscó Sergio Casado Photography