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Dietmar Kreil, Stefan Friedrich & Hannes Frech Founder Bioblo

Who says building blocks for kids have to look like regular wooden blocks? Exactly. Bioblos are colourful and eco-friendly construction toys with a unique honeycomb design and perfect proportions. Their innovative material not only sets new standards for the ecology of toys, but also provides superior mechanical characteristics.

When building with Bioblos there are virtually no limits to your creativity or imagination, which makes them attractive for children and adults alike. The sustainable construction toys are placed on top of, next to, behind or leaning on each other. Lying down. Piled up. Balanced. And even though it might look quite shaky at times, even the highest towers and bridges are surprisingly stable. All it takes is a little skill and patience!

Using our planet’s resources responsibly is our highest priority. That’s why Bioblo production is exclusively based on natural and recycled materials: Woodchips from conifers from sustainable forest management as well as recycled plastic from discarded reusable cups that are given a new purpose in an “up-cycling” process. This saves resources, and something old is turned into something new and useful.


since 2018 German eco-label ”Der Blaue Engel“
2018 German Design Award
2017 Toy Award (Nominee)
since 2018 Austrian eco-label
2016 quality seal ”spiel gut“
2015 Green Product Award

with Hannes Frech, Stefan Friedrich und Dietmar Kreil, Founders of Bioblo

Why you design sustainable construction toys?

Our goal is to provide children of all ages with a fun and versatile toy that is analogue (in the best sense of the word) and inspires their imagination.

What is special about your eco-friendly building blocks for kids?

Bioblo blocks are extremely simple yet extremely versatile. Meaning: There is only one type of block, but infinite possibilities to place it. We have deliberately refrained from using connecting pieces, because this would inevitably result in certain restrictions in building. The way Bioblo works, every block can be used in a completely flexible way and in any direction. And that … is true freedom.

When and where was Bioblo founded?

The company ”Bioblo Spielwaren GmbH“ was founded in 2015 in Tulln an der Donau (Austria).

Where do you produce your building blocks for kids?

Bioblo building blocks are manufactured in Zagreb, Croatia.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Spend as much time as possible with friends and family.


Bioblo Spielwaren GmbH
Kaplanstraße 10
3430 Tulln an der Donau
Tel.: +43 2272 206 05

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