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Tony Ramenda & Matthias Meister Founder TicToys

TicToys is a company owned by Matthias Meister and Tony Ramenda from Leipzig/Germany. Already since 2010, when they created their first skilltoy “Ticayo” they produce innovative and high quality eco activity toys for kids and adults. The TicToys slogan, “die neue Spielzeugkultur”, translated literally means “new culture of toys”. It stands for the idea that toys should benefit all parties concerned: consumers, producers and nature.

The TicToys culture implicates in particular:
• Motion
• Stimulation to creativity through clear design
• Quality
• Use of natural materials
• Regional and fair production in Germany
• Toys for all ages and sexes


SpielGut Ticayo, Tualoop, myFibo, myRoodi, Binabo, dasBrett
ISPO Brandnew Selection Body & Mind 2020 das.Brett
Bewegte Innovation Tualoop, das.Brett
Von Taube Preis 2017 das.Brett

with Tony Ramenda, Matthias Meister, founder TicToys

Why do you create activity toys for kids and adults?

We are play children and enjoy playing with our creations ourselves. We are even happier that the little ones are having fun too. In times of sedentary behavior in all age groups, we want to promote physical exercise in a playful way – in a natural way.

What is special about your toy collection?

All our products make you move! The prinicples are very simpe and due to this you can use our toys in many different ways and very creatively.

When and where was TicToys – die neue Spielzeugkultur founded?

2010 in our shared students appartment in Chemnitz.

Where do you produce your eco active toys?

Every component of our games (including the packaging) is manufactured regionally in Germany. Most of the components come from North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and the Leipzig area. The Diakonie Leipzig supports us in the assembly work. Most of the handicraft work is done in our own factory in Leipzig.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Good mix of sports and hammock.


Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64E
04229 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 (0)341 46 36 61 50

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