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Tim Schinkel Designer & founder timkid

timkid has produced functional design children’s furniture since 2000. All our wooden products are functional, ergonomic, and durable. The design is uncomplicated and suitable for children, clear and without any unnecessary embellishments. Sustainability is a high priority! The timkidchildren’s furniture collection is manufactured responsibly from durable and pollutant-free materials in our own workshops in Dömitz/Mecklenburg-Pomerania.

In recent years, timkid has become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wall-mounted changing tables. All our designs are extensively tested by both adults and children for their function, sat on, raised, and lowered, folded down and folded away.


2021 Solution of the Year Award for Gastronomy Designs for the wall changing table KAWAmidi | Callwey Publisher’s + DEHOGA
2017 German Design Award Special Mention for the play table Tavi

with Tim Schinkel, designer and founder of timkid

Why you design children’s furniture?

Because, from our point of view, the market for well-designed children’s furniture made of wood does not offer much, is not suitable for children, and often does not meet the needs of children.

What is special about your timkid-collection?

Our children’s furniture is sustainable, durable, functional, and back-friendly for the parents and ergonomic, modular, growing and timeless for the children. The wood comes from sustainable forestry. All our fabrics meet the Ökotext 100 standard, the processed felt fabrics are made from recycled wool fibers.

All of our wall changing tables are TÜV tested. Due to the high-quality materials (wood + HPL coating and metal), the wall-mounted changing tables are particularly suitable for public spaces.

When and where was timkid founded?

In 2000 in Dannenberg/Elbe, in Germany by Tim Schinkel.

Where do you produce your children’s furniture collection?

The individual parts are mainly manufactured in Germany, but also in France, Finland and Belgium, the final assembly is carried out in our own workshop in Dömitz, in Mecklenburg-Pomerania.

And what do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Cycling, jogging, walking our dog in the beautiful nature around us and cooking delicious food!

Mühlendeich 15
19393 Dömitz