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PRINZENKINDER – clever furniture for children

Our furniture for children has its origin in our daily family life. We conceive and design them, and then our children test them, put them through trials and eventually love them.

Prinzenkinder furniture for children introduces kids to new perspectives. It encourages them to become independent and supports their motor skills. The furniture is sustainably produced and is safe, functional, thoughtfully conceived, tested and well-designed.

All our furniture for children are manufactured in a workshop for the disabled in Halle, Germany. The material that is used for the furniture, Wisa Multiwall, is durable and non-toxic, and it is produced with renewable resources and can be recycled non-hazardously.



2017 Best Form Award 3rd prize

with Saskia Richter, founder of Prinzenkinder

Why do you make modern children’s furniture?

Because we have ideas for kids,  that are too good to be secret.

What is special about your children’s furniture?

We combine the idea, the function and the design  to create design furniture for children and parents.

When and where was Prinzenkinder founded?

We sold our design furniture for kids since December 2015.

Where do you produce your designer children’s furniture?

We produce all our modern kids furniture in Halle/Saale, Germany in workshops for disabled people.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Hiking in the nature and on the mountain.

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