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Jochen & Katja Müller Owner Müller Small Living

We produce furniture for more than 150 years in Bockhorn, in the northern part of Germany but we feel never bored to do so. At Müller Möbelwerkstätten day in and day out everything revolves around design. We love to work with independent designers. With their fresh ideas, they drive us and test our commitment for innovation.

Our children’s furniture always solves an existing problem thoroughly considering the design, function, quality and price-performance ratio. Our understanding of design is characterized by our northern German roots and our traditional craftsmanship. We hope you will like our furniture for children and we are looking forward to your feedback.


Stapelliege 2003 Interior Innovation Award, 2015 German Design Award Special Mention, 2019 German Design Award Design Classics
Flatmate 2012 Interior Innovation Award Best of Best, 2013 German Design Award  Special Mention
Konnex 2011 Good Design, 2011 Interior Innovation Award Best of best, 2012  Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Solara 2013 Interior Innovation Award Winner
HIDEsk 2014 Interior Innovation Award Winner
Flatframe 2013 Interior Innovation Award Winner
Plane 2015 German Design Award Special Mention
KOii 2016 German Design Award Special Mention
Lyn Regal 2016 Design Plus
Slope Bett 2017 German Design Award Special Mention
Flai Bett 2018 German Design Award Winner
Pal 2020 German Innovation Award
Nait 2020 German Innovation Award
Vertiko 2021 German Design Award Special Mention
Maude 2022 German Design Award Excellent Product Design
FLAT 2023 German Design Award Excellent Product Design

with Katja Müller, marketing & distribution of Müller Small Living

Why do you design and produce furniture for kids?

Our children’s furniture stands for longevity, functionality and quality. All important  requirements for use in the nursery.

What is special about your children’s furniture?

Our children’s furniture often has an additional benefit/function, which makes the furniture flexible and innovative.

When and where was your company founded?

1869 in Bockhorn, we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2019! Our family business is now run by us in the 5th Generation.

Where do you produce your children’s furniture?

We produce our design furniture for children in our own production, exclusively in Germany.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

What every family probably does: meeting friends, spending time together, accompanying children’s sports/hobbies or enjoying the garden …

Müller Small Living
Urwaldstraße 8
26345 Bockhorn
Tel. +49 4453 98 23 30

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