Ursula Schreck Founder ZAUNKÖNIG

Zaunkönig is a woman-led, sustainable brand from Halle/Saale in Germany which Ursula Schreck founded in 2018, inspired by life with her children.

At Zaunkönig we design high-quality, handmade furniture and accessories for children that are so versatile that they accompany us throughout our lives. Products that are beautifully designed, multifunctional, and timeless – and sustainable for that very reason. Products that connect the worlds of parents and children in a completely natural way and as durable that they may even make it into the next generation. Products that combine natural materials with a regional approach. Products that not only look good, but also delight all the other senses. To achieve this, we rely on craft principles, renewable raw materials and a universal design language.

We do what we do because we believe in a future in which we treat ourselves and our environment with mindfulness. In a world where adults and children meet as equals. In a world in which we own fewer objects and still feel richly endowed.

Zaunkönig. For little explorers who don’t want to miss a thing. For parents who want to truly enjoy the time with their children. No matter what you’re up to, it’s more fun together!


2020 Green Product Selection
2020 Universal Design Award Expert
2020 Universal Design Award Consumer

with Ursula Schreck, founder of Zaunkönig

Why do you design sustainable products for children?

Because it makes me totally happy to create things that give a fresh look at life with children. And because what our children surround themselves with today will determine how they treat our earth and their fellow human beings tomorrow.

What is special about your products for kids?

They bring children and adults at eye level. In a literal sense by using learning tower and high chair. But also in a figurative sense. With the help of my objects, children can explore the world in a very self-determined, intuitive way. They experience the beauty of using fewer, high-quality things for longer and in a more diverse way.

When and where was your brand Zaunkönig founded?

The idea was born in Munich, Germany, shortly after the birth of my first child. The label was born after moving to Halle an der Saale in 2018.

Where do you produce your Zaunkönig collection?

We produce all our products in Germany and also buy all materials nearby. Our toddler learning tower is made in the Ore Mountains in the South of East-Germany according to traditional craft principles. Our porcelain tableware for kids is handmade in a Franconian manufactory, as well in Germany.

And what do you do when you ARE NOT working, dear Ursula?

Blinking in the sun (when it’s there), going for walks, spending time with my two kids and friends

Ernst-König-Str. 1
06108 Halle (Saale)
Tel.: +49 163 251 48 47