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Paola Bernardotto Designer & Founder ‘ettomio

Ettomio is a small Italian company offering cognitive-development montessori furniture for children. We create and realize sustainable children’s furniture inspired by Maria Montessori’s approach.

Our mission is to meet modern parents and families expectations: offering innovative products for children realized with high standard materials and with an ethical approach.

Ettomio products are timeless, shaped by the imagination of kids and realized with passion and care.

We believe in kids creativity, natural abilities and desire to grow. We care about their conscious development as human beings.

We design furniture and products for children that broaden their horizons.


2019 Bronze A’Design Award – Baby, Kids and Children product’s design award

with Paola Bernardotto, founder & owner of  ‘ettomio

Why do you design and produce montessori furniture for children?

I was looking for a kids bed design for my first child. But I did not find it. Therefore I designed it myself. And the result was great!

What is special about your children’s furniture?

The uniqueness is that our sustainable children’s furniture meet both parents expectations and kids favourites.

Children love them because, when using them, they feel free to experiment, to test, to explore the world. They feel our products support and enhance their autonomy.

Mums and dads love them because they are smart and functional, they meet modern design, they are truly realized by hand (ethically) and with high quality materials.

When and where was ‘ettomio founded?

Ettomio was conceived during my second maternity-leave (when my creativity was at the top: thank you pregnancy hormones!) and was founded some months after, at the beginning of 2019.

Where do you produce your children’s furniture?

We produce in Italy by selecting the best carpenters and tailors: their love and attention to the product is visible in every single detail.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

I’m mum-ing :) My three kids are my “real-work”! Then I spend time with family and friends, I travel (the more I can), I cook (the best I can), I (rarely) do some sport and I volunteer in some local no-profit organization.


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