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Isabell & Erik Lorenscheit Founder Kletterling

Kletterling is a brand for natural movement toys and offers a wide range of high-quality climbing triangles, as well as wooden and felt toys for children of different ages.

The history of Kletterling is characterised by passion and many years of experience. It began in 2020 as a small family business and quickly developed into the leading online platform for climbing triangles.

We attach great importance to a transparent manufacturing process, fair working conditions, safety and comprehensive advice for our customers. Thus, the Kletterling educators are involved in both product development and customer advice. With this concept, we have been able to build up an excellent reputation within 3 years with personal customer service and fast shipping.

Kletterling – the place to go for anyone who wants to support children’s development through play.

with Erik Lorenscheit, founder Kletterling

Why did you start Kletterling?

With the birth of our child, we were in search of a toy that is produced fairly and sustainably. Since we couldn’t find anything on the market, we took matters into our own hands and act as transparent as possible. That’s why we can provide evidence of where and how we produce with which materials, who is involved in the production process, and where the materials come from.

What is special about your climbing triangles?

Our Kletterlinge are handmade, of the highest quality, untreated, and can be easily cleaned with the included sanding fleece. We use such high-quality wood that we don’t need to hide it behind oils or varnishes.

When and where was Kletterling founded?

2020 in Berlin.

Where do you produce your climbing triangles?

We exclusively produce in Latvia, in a small family-owned craft workshop that manufactures the Kletterlinge exclusively for us.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

I am spending time with my family and our two dogs.


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Wollenthin 5A
17291 Prenzlau
Tel. +49 176 57 60 34 50

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