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When you have children, you begin to think about the longevity, multifunctionality, and sustainability of children’s furniture, not to mention whether it has an aesthetically pleasing design. In 2012 Linda Starke became the new head of the children’s design label nanito from Berlin.

Their playing mats and folding cushions have always been nanito bestsellers. They are robust and versatile, and they encourage children to be creative and active. Parents have been thankful in many situations for their functionality and durability, as well as the many games children can play with them.

The materials they are made of comply with the Öko-Tex Standard 100. The entire nanito collection is manufactured in Germany.

with Linda Starke, owner of nanito

How did the nanito playing mats come about?

When my first son was born, I made the sobering discovery that most toys for children were hopelessly colourful and had loads of figures on them. Toys for boys were especially disappointing. Since my son slept well, I bought my first sewing machine and started sewing myself.

What is special about your playmats?

Our playmats and play cushions are timeless and durable. They can be passed on from one generation to the next, and they are functional and fun at the same time.

When and where was your company founded?

nanito was established by Jana and Julia Kubischik in Berlin in 2004 as a children’s concept store. The store was closed in 2010 and in 2012 I took on the entire nanito collection.

Where do you produce your playmats?

We get our current upholstery fabric and high-quality foam material from a weaving mill in Germany. We buy the Vichy checked fabrics in France. All the materials are then assembled and sewn in a small, familial team in Berlin.

What do you do when you are NOT working?

Work is really not work for me. When you do something that you are passionate about and that fulfils you, then it never feels like work. And I have so many other projects that I want to work on, that I don’t think I will get around to them all in my lifetime. However, we do have a little house in Brandenburg that I go to in the summer to relax and spend time in nature.

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