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Isabelle Winterhalder-Anderhalden Designer & owner blueroom

At blueroom design & architecture, we are passionate about good design,  beautiful and sustainable architecture as well as travelling through enchanting landscapes and to fascinating cities. Since we are parents too, we are also interested in designing for children and families.

The concept of  “sustainability” has taken on a new meaning for us. For us, sustainable products have long lives and can be passed on to following generations; thus sparing resources. It is from these foundations that our family affair collection has grown. A modern children’s furniture collection distinguished by its clear and uncluttered shapes and by its quality and solid workmanship. Our timeless wooden children’s furniture is suited for all ages: children, teenagers and even adults. All our eco-friendly furniture are designed and made in Switzerland – the children’s play table and stools for children  are made in a protected work-shop for people with disabilities.


2018 selected by annabelle Blickfang Basel

with Isabelle Winterhalder-Anderhalden, designer & owner blueroom

Why do you design children’s furniture?

When we became parents in 2005, we were looking for children’s furniture that lived up to our standard of beauty and quality in everyday life. This is how the idea of the loft bed Dreambox was used to create the Family Affair collection.

What is special about your furniture for kids?

All children’s furniture by blueroom are characterized by timeless design, high quality and solid design. No frills, but with beautiful details they leave the child plenty of room for their own imagination and creativity.

When and where was blueroom founded?

Blueroom was founded in 2010 in Sachseln, Switzerland. In addition to classical architecture, the studio also offers landscape and interior design.

Where do you produce your children’s furniture?

Our children’s furniture are manufactured in excellent quality by a prestigious furniturefactory and a foundation for people with disabilities. We design and produce our furniture in Switzerland, so we stay flexible and can keep an eye on the production process.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

I spend my time with my family and get recreation and inspiration in nature.

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