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The name stocubo is derived from the initials of its founder and the Italian term “Cubo”, which means a “cube”. In 2011 stocubo GmbH was founded and the first online shop started. In 2021 we celebrated 10 years of innovative shelf design in Berlin.

While previously tools were always required to connect shelf elements, stocubo developed a completely new plug-in system: an aluminum bracket with which the shelf cubes are connected to one another. stocubo still works locally, sustainably and with a strong focus on real team work in the heart of Berlin Wedding. The stocubo claim has always remained the same: With a specific focus on individual furniture solutions and classic craftsmanship, stocubo consciously, consistently and with lasting passion stands out from conventional mass production.

with Julia Haneke, owner of  stocubo

Why do you design modular children’s furniture?

Children grow quickly and their interests are also constantly changing. This is where the modular and flexible shelving system from stocubo comes into play. We design modular children’s furniture that grows with the child, from the baby changing unit to the metre-high bookshelf, and can adapt to new needs at any time.

What is so special about children’s furniture made in Berlin?

Our furniture such as the height-adjustable children’s desk or the 3-in-1 neighbourhood shop fit wonderfully with our shelving system and therefore also cut a good figure outside the children’s room. In addition, our furniture for children – like our shelving systems – consists of individual cubes that can be used as foundation stones for new shelves or chests of drawers if required.

When and where was stocubo founded?

2011 in Berlin Wedding.

Where do you produce your stocubo furniture?

Also in Berlin-Wedding, in our in-house craft workshop.

stocubo GmbH
Exerzierstraße 14
13357 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 21 91 31 96

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