Alex Hochstrasser Designer & owner MOLUK

Driven by a passion for great design, MOLUK strives to create innovative, sustainable products that don’t just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction.

In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds.

There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions – MOLUK toys are powered simply by a child’s imagination.


The toys from MOLUK have received numerous international awards for their outstanding design and play value.

The coveted Spiel Gut award was given to MOLUK thirteen times already for Bilibo, Bilibo Mini, Bilibo Game Box, Oogi, Oogi Bongo, Oogi Pilla, Pluï Rainball,  Pluï Rain Cloud, Hix, Boi, Nigi Nagi Nogi und Oibo.

Bilibo is part of the permanent collection of the Museum for Design Zurich and the Musée des Arts Decoratifs Paris and was featured in the exhibition “Century of the Child” of the Museum of Modern Art New York.

with Alex Hochstrasser, toy designer & founder of MOLUK

Why do you design open-ended toys for kids?

Intelligent toys are essential for a healthy development of body and mind. In a time where children spend more and more time behind screens, there is an urgent need for manual, high-quality play objects that engage all their senses and get them moving again.

What is special about your open-ended toys?

MOLUK toys are designed to grow with the child; they leave room for the imagination and offer new play possibilities regardless of gender or age.

When and where was MOLUK founded?

MOLUK was founded at the end of 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Where do you produce your toys for children?

We are working with trusted manufacturing partners in China who share our values and deliver excellent, safe and long-lasting products.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Go for a swim in the lake. Read. Travel.

Seefeldstrasse 178
8008 Zürich
Tel. +41 43 488 62 82

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