Bi Biip: Padded Ride on Toy for 1 Year Old


Bi Biip: Padded Ride on Toy for 1 Year Old


All aboard and off you go! — Bi Biip is not only eye-catching in the home or day care centre, it also serves educational purposes. Developed with special attention to the needs of children between one and six years old, this padded ride on toy for 1 year old provides additional movement and develops motor skills. So, even in bad weather it can be whizzed around, and the extensive padding will soften any heavy crash landings.


W 40 x L 60 x H 30 cm


textile: red, orange, blue, green, yellow
leather: beige, pink, blue, green, grey


plywood, polyester fabric, polyurethane foam from Slovenia
vegan leather from the UK
rubber wheels from Italy


high play value +++ local production +++ long-lasting product +++ vegan +++ small batch production +++ >50% handicraft


company-owned craft business in Slovenia (EU)

Compliance mark

CE +++ EN 71 for toy safety


from 1 to 6 years


Mateja Panter

Maintenance advice

Vacuum regularly. Wipe with a damp cloth using soap and water or use proprietary upholstery shampoo. For deeper cleaning use steam or dry clean. t is not possible to take off the fabric.


€ 550

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